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e.l. designs, llc, is a partnership between two ladies who should have been born sisters! 


Both of us have been through many obstacles in life which have made us stronger, our failures have made us wiser and our strength is our story.  We do not only want to be thought of as women in business, but as passionate entrepreneurs, perhaps like many of you.

Since the pandemic began, and masks became, part of our lives, we designed Chain It OnTM. We intended our mask buddy to convert easily for multiple uses once the mask-wearing became optional, but particularly as fashion bling.  

Chain it OnTM, is a unique piece of jewelry that is sure to be your "go to" when traveling, looking for something unique to accent your time at the beach, on the boat, or simply a casual evening out.  Wear one as a necklace, and one as an anklet.   Decorate your holiday cheer with a combined gift of wine or other beverage decorated with our chain - ditch the bag and add the bling!

As our friendship has evolved, so have our ideas.  We would love to hear how you have used our chains!   Send us a message on instagram or on our facebook page.       Thank you for your patronage!