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e.l. designs, llc, is a partnership between two ladies who should have been born sisters! 


Both of us have been through many obstacles in life which have made us stronger, our failures have made us wiser and our strength is our story.  We do not only want to be thought of as women in business, but as passionate entrepreneurs, perhaps like many of you.

Since the pandemic began, and masks have become an integral part of our lives, we designed Chain It OnTM. Our mask chain is your mask buddy, and means never having to put your mask on germy surfaces, or in your purse or pocket.

Chain it OnTM, makes wearing something as a mask, more attractive, easier to wear, easier to keep track of, and easier to keep clean.  After all, you just Chain It OnTM and there it is!  How simple is that?

Never be without your mask again.  All you have to do is Chain It OnTM and you will see how wearing a mask becomes much easier, less stressful, and even fashionable!  And...our mask chains are fun!